The eye.t Learning Portal is Back Online!

Between the dates of June 11 and June 13, our domain name went down, meaning that you were not able to access our website, the eye.t Learning Portal or email any user at eye.t. Take a look below to get a sense of EXACTLY what happened.

Is My Data Safe?

Absolutely! Thoughout this entire process, your data has never left our control. We do our best at eye.t to collect minimal data from you and to ensure that the data that we do store is behind multi-layer protection so that it is not at risk. We have verified that your data is still safely stored on our servers and has not been exposed to unauthorized parties.

What Happened?

The domain name “” expired last Friday. When that happens, we are required to renew our access to that particular domain. Through a mistake on our end, that did not happen in time. Once a domain expires, there are companies on the internet that quickly register the expired domain in the hopes that we will buy it back for an extreme markup.

We have come to the conclusion that purchasing BACK the expired domain would require contacting a malicious and unknown party. Therefore the more secure option is to switch our domain name to a completely new and secure domain.

Our new domain name is The website is no longer active, any emails sent to users with an email address will not be deliverd.

What currently works?

Right now, our primary website, and the eye.t Learning Portal, (where you access all of your curriculum and courses) are up and running. In addition, you are able to email any user at eye.t by replacing the “.com” at the end of their email address with a “.org”. For example our “info” address is now

Can I access my Learning Portal Account?

Yes! The eye.t Learning Portal is back! Because the Learning Portal is hosted by another company, Teachable, we needed to work with Teachable to restore access to the Learning Portal. At this point, the Learning Portal is back online and all user data is safe.

What should I do now?

  1. Bookmark our new website It will take a few days for that site to be found on Google so make sure you have a bookmark in your browser so that you can ensure you are going to the correct site.
  2. Erase or change all eye.t contacts: Go to your contacts and find anyone that you have saved with an email address. Change the “.com” at the end of their address with a “.org”.
  3. Watch your email for updates on access to the eye.t Learning Portal
  4. Contact us with any questions or concerns. We are here to help as much as we can!

    Overall, we truly appreciate your support as we work through this issue.