Woman writing in notebook.

Staff Writer Submission

January, 2024

Dear Applicant,

Thanks so much for taking the time to apply to be a part of our team. At eye.t, our writers are the life-blood of our products and services. Without writers, we would not be able to create the content that is so important to us.

To ensure we are a good fit for each other, we want to see how you engage in a simple writing assignment.

As a staff writer, you will engage in the following process to produce video scripts and/or blog articles.

  1. Learning / understanding the topic you will be writing about.
  2. Creating a task for the reader / viewer to engage in after viewing (optional – depending on topic)
  3. Writing a short script that teaches the topic and explains the task.

You can watch an example video written by one of our writers below.

Creating Tables in MS Word

We want to see your riting/teaching style, but we’re not going to ask you to write on anything crazy. I promise.

The Assignment

Write a video script (2-5 minutes) on the following topic. Note: We are looking for a rough draft. It does not need to be perfect. Do not take more than 45 minutes to do this.

To help you out, we write our scripts using the following process. Note that you do not NEED to follow this process but it may help you get started.

  1. Problem: Identify the problem (the solution should be the concept we are trying to teach)
  2. Problem Example: Show an example of the problem (show why it is a problem).
  3. Incorrect Solution: (Optional): Demonstrate an incorrect solution. “You might think that…. but this is why that doesn’t work”
  4. Solution: Present the solution. See if we can get the viewer to guess the solution.
  5. Solution Example: Model the solution using an example.
  6. Instructions: Provide instructions for the following activities (optional depending on the task)

Format the script however you’d like. We are not looking for a particular format.


Create a new folder in File Explorer (Windows PC) or within the Finder (Mac). This video should be able to be understood by a child at least 8 years old and should be engaging. Consider including an action step or activity at the end of the video to engage the learner further.

Let me know if you have any questions by sending me an email codyl@eyetvision.org.

Deadline: January 15, 2024 11:00 pm

This form is currently closed for submissions.