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May 7, 2024

For further information, watch the Tech Tip Tuesday video called Online Forms: Part 1 – Edit Fields and Checkboxes.

Introductory Story: Taking a Test

✔︎ READ the following story aloud to your learner.

Q is preparing for a big Social Studies test on Ancient Egypt. He has put in a few hours of study to prepare for this. The test is fully online and Q will have the entire class period to complete it. With his internet navigation skills, he imagines it will be pretty straightforward. However, when he gets to the test, he learns right away that it is an online form. He freezes and tries to recall how to navigate online forms.

Q’s TVI also tries to remember the commands to navigate things like the multiple choice questions and the short answers. With 15 multiple choice, 10 true or false, and three short answer questions, Q suddenly feels pressure. He wonders if he will be able to finish the test in time as he tries to remember the commands.

Today, we are going to look at ways to navigate online forms. Q is encountering something that is very common when using the internet, so addressing this topic is very important. Let’s find out how to navigate this tool that you might use on a daily basis.

✔︎ DISCUSS the guiding question, “How can you efficiently and effectively navigate online forms?”

Tip: An online form includes any time you are filling out information on the internet such as a username and password or taking a test at school.


Edit Fields

✔︎ PLAY from 1:27-1:57

Teacher’s Notes: An edit field includes any field where you need to fill out an answer. Whenever the screen reader lands on an edit field, it will say “edit.” Once your learner has arrived to the edit field they are seeking, then they can proceed to fill out the relevant information required for that field.

  1. What kinds of edit fields do you use regularly, maybe even every day? 
  2. What kinds of edit fields might you use less frequently?


✔︎ PLAY from 1:58-2:48

Teacher’s Notes: Checkboxes are multiple choice questions that allow more than one answer. For example, something that says “check all that apply” is typical of a checkbox format. When your learner arrives at a checkbox question, then the screen reader will say “checkbox.” Each corresponding option will either say “checked” or “unchecked.” In order to select an option, press the spacebar.

  1. Where do you most frequently encounter checkboxes when using the internet? 
  2. What other examples might you run into with checkboxes?

Conclusion: Completing the Test

✔︎ READ the remainder of the story aloud to your learner.

The good news is that Q’s TVI quickly called another TVI in the district, who was able to walk her through the steps to filling out an online form. Good thing Q was reminded that in order to check a box for the multiple choice questions, he needs to press the spacebar to select the correct answer. 

Just as Q begins to feel that confidence rise, he gets to the last question…

“Radio Button” NVDA says into his headphones.

“Radio Button?” Q exclaims! “What in the world is a radio button?”

Q’s TVI smiles. “We’ll learn that next week,” he says.

Activity – Practice Form

In this activity, your learner will fill out this practice form. They will be asked basic questions that will allow them to try out their skills they learned from the lesson in navigating online forms, specifically how to work with edit fields and checkboxes.

Next Steps

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