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The Screen Reader Curriculum

for JAWS, NVDA or Chromevox


Curriculum Part 1 Logo: Working with Text
Curriculum Part 2 logo: Basic Internet Navigation
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Complicated Topics, Simple Instruction

Anyone can learn to use a computer…

…All they need is good instruction

Part 1:

Working with Text


Keyboard Layout

Reading Commands

Document Navigation

Cursor Placement

Deleting and Backspacing

Selecting Text

Formatting Text

Working with Text Logo

Part 2:

Basic Internet Navigation


Identifying Internet Elements

Navigating by Clickable Object

Quick Keys

Elements Lists

Introduction to Navigation Sequences

Basic Internet Navigation Logo

Need a Quick Fix?

Changing Braille Settings with NVDA – TTT Companion

Changing Braille Settings with NVDA – TTT Companion

Prerequisites ✔︎ CHECK Before moving on, is your learner familiar with the use of the NVDA key? This is an important component we will use during today’s lesson. For further information, watch the Tech Tip Tuesday video on the NVDA key. Ready for Efficiency ✔︎ READ...

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