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INTRODUCING: eye.t’s Summer Cohort!

Join a nation-wide, community for 4 hours of live, virtual training!

Comes included with:

The ENTIRE Screen Reader Curriculum

One-Year of access to our Screen Reader Curriculum including Part 1: Working with Text and Part 2: Basic Internet Navigation.

4 Hours of Live Professional Development

Learn to use a screen reader from a professional AND Learn techniques and strategies to use with your students. Ibnstruction will be LIVE and REMOTE (via Zoom).

Session 1 (June): Reading/Writing and Editing

In this session you’ll learn how to use the curriculum in your instruction as we teach you how to use your screen reader to read, write and edit on a Word Processor.

Session 2 (July): Internet Navigation – Part A

Learn the fundamentals of internet navigaiton inlcuding our 3 methods of Basic Internet Navigation. In this session we will teach you what could go wrong on the internet and how to fix it!

Session 3 (August): Internet Navigation – Part B

In this session we will learn what real internet navigaiton instruction looks like AND we’ll do some practice lessons!

Session 4 (September): Returning to School (Creating Your Learner’s Screen Reader Program)

And we’ll finish off by talking about how to infuse all of this instruction into your learner’s program including writing IEP goals, and introducing screen readers to resistent learners.

Lifetime Access to the Exclusive Cohort Community

Once you join, you’re a member for life. Have lifetime access not only to your instructor but also to your cohort-mates as you try the techniques and procedures we teach you in the summer. Oh yeah, and it won’t expire.

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Section A

Tuesdays 12-1pm EST

  • Jun. 20
  • Jul. 18
  • Aug. 15
  • Sept. 19

Section B

Wednesdays 5-6pm EST

  • Jun. 21
  • Jul. 19
  • Aug. 16
  • Sept. 20

What Does it Cost?

See our pricing table below to see the cost breakdown!

Got questions? We have the answers!

Which screen reader will you be teaching?

We will be reviewing content for all of the 4 main screen readers,

  • JAWS
  • NVDA
  • Chromevox
  • VoiceOver for Mac

You can learn just one or any combination.

You're saying I can learn all of this in only 4 hours?

Well, you arent’ getting 4 hours of instruciton, you are getting close to 15 hours! Remember, participation in the cohort also give you access to the Screen Reader Curriculum which includes about 10 hours of video that you can watch on your own time.

The live cohort sessions are there to simply guide your learning, answer questions AND provide extra instruction not yet included in the Curriculum.

What is the Screen Reader Curriculum?

The Screen Reader Curriculum is a set of online courses designed for instructors and students to learn and teach screen readers like JAWS, NVDA or Chromevox.

In Part 1: Working with Text, you’ll learn how to read, write and edit txt using a Word Processor and in Part 2: Basic Internet Navigation, you’ll learn our 3 methods and how to use them on familiar and unfamiliar websites.

Why are the sessions so far apart?

In each session, we will cover a concept or skill, and then you will receive an assignment that we will review in the next session. In that month, you’ll have time to dive deep with your screen reader. You can watch additional videos in the curriculum, try the practice activities,  or you can go on vacation with your family… Come on! It’s summer!

To put it simply, research tells us time between learning sessions is more effective. Allow yourself to forget and relearn. It helps you retain that knowledge!

What makes the summer cohort from other PD opportunities in the vision field?

You are not just getting Professional Devleoopment, with the Summer Cohort, you are getting an entire curriculum to use with your student AND the Professional Devleopment needed to use it effectively.

We have built a program with a balance of live instruction AND asynchronous resources necessary to make next school year amazing!

How does the exclusive cohort community work?

Once you have a spot secured, we will send you a link to join our exclusive community. This community will be your entire cohort of professionals from around the world who have the same issues, and questions as you do.

You’ll use the community to communicate with your classmates and instructor during the cohort, AND once you leave to make sure your screen reader questions are always answered until the end of time.

But seriously... I need to learn to use a screen reader...

This program is not about getting a few hours of PD under your belt. We are committed to helping you launch you and your learner’s journey into the world of Screen Readers.

Seriously… you won’t be leaving empty handed.

Still Have Questions? – Ask Us!

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