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With any Humanware braille display!

How Do I Get This Coupon?

If you have a Humanware Braille Display, you may qualify for a 30% off coupon!

Step 1: Read all information below

Step 2: Locate your braille display’s serial number.

Step 3: Fill out the form below.

Step 4: Once you submit the form, we will do a “preliminary check” of your serial number to see if it looks correct. If it looks right, we will send you a 30% off coupon code available on one license of The Screen Reader Curriculum for one year!

Step 5: If we cannot verify your serial number, we will send your serial number to Humanware for additional verificaiton.


  • Qualifying braille displays are limited to the Brailliant BI 20X, Brailliant BI 40X or Mantis Q40.
  • Coupon is limited to one license of the Screen Reader Curriculum for one year.

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Name of Person Submitting Form
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