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“We envision a world in which all people with low vision and blindness can access a computer, believing in student choice and control.”

– Cody Laplante (Founder/CEO)

Cody helping a woman at a screen reader meeting.

Our Story

Eye.t was founded in 2019 by Cody Laplante and Katrina Best with the intention of creating quality assistive technology resources for teachers of students with visual impairments and their learners due to the the lack of support and attention for TVI’s.

In October, 2020 Eye.t released the first installment of The Screen Reader Curriculum designed for students and teachers.

Now, the curriculum spans over 3 different parts and continues to grow each and every year with the help of the eye.t staff and community input.

Product and Services

We specialize in providing screen reader usage and assitive technology support, with easy to follow online courses and virtual classes/direct service being taken from the comfort of your own home or classroom. Catered for TVIs, parents, and students, read about our Screen Reader Curriculum, Classes and Cohorts, and Direct Service below to learn more!

The 3 courses of our Screen Reader Curriculum, Working with Text, Basic Internet Navigation, and Diving into Braille Displays.

Screen Reader Curriculum

Our video-based curriculum subscription will provide you with the foundational skills to navigate the internet, use various web processors, and understand braille displays at your own pace!

A teachers stands at the front of a classroom of eager students with hands raised. Smiling, she points at a student.

Classes and Cohorts

Our classes and cohorts are the perfect way to get live, virtual hands on training that will help you improve your screen reader instruction alongside    other professionals!

Man speaking to a woman for consultation purposes.

Direct Services

If you need more personalized support that is specific for yourself or others, our direct services give you the chance to work on accessibility skills/issues that pertain to you.

The Team

Located across the United States, our fully remote team strives to make accessibility the norm! With dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds, we bring the best in assistive technology support.


Discover the genuine impact of our products, services, and values by delving into the firsthand experiences of those who support us! Read real testimonials from TVIs, parents, and students alike!

“You just blew my mind!  I have been a JAWS user for about 20 years. I never knew about the list of lists! I use the Headings, Form Fields and Links lists but I am glad to know about this one. Thank you for teaching an old dog new tricks.”

Denise Millette

M.A. TVI, Fulton County Schools

“Thank you for this course. I will definitely use the Screen Reader Skills Progression and Lesson Brainstorming worksheet when teaching my students Chromevox.”

Mary G.

TVI, Virginia

Contact Us

So, after learning more about us, still got questions? Then ask us! Email us at info@eyetvision.org for any questions or concerns you have and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

While you’re here, why don’t you click the button below and schedule a consultation to see if the Screen Reader Curriculum is right for your learner!

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